Certified QA / QC Manager

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Course Details
Eligibility Criteria Any Engineer with Experience
Duration of Course 20 Days
Daily Classes  Two Hours
No. of Seats  20
Course Reference SEA, International Standard & Industrial Norms



  • Overview

    This comprehensive course focuses on QA/QC systems including development of skills and knowledge of QA/QC Manager position for various sectors including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, Power Plant, Fabrication Industries, Information Technology and Social Sectors. This course is extremely real world oriented, using National & International Standards including those of well known companies ADNOC, SAUDI ARAMCO & SABIC.

    A cpmprehensive courses covering in depth of QA/QC requirements of in various sectors/Industries including in following

    Oil and Gas
    Power Plant
    Civil mega Construction Projects

  • Certification Criteria:

    Candidates shall meet the following examination requirements to be considered for certification as Certified QA / QC Manager

    Part 1 Theory Examination

    Part 2 Workshop/Assesment

    Part 3 Oral Examination

    Part 4 Project Submission

    Candidate shall pass each part of the examination. Individual failing any part of the above examination must retest on particular part as applicable.
    Candidate must score minimum of 70 percent on each of the above examination to be eligible for the certificate and SEA Qualification Card.

Course Syllabus:

  • Section 1 Course introduction
    Section 2 Roles & responsibilities of QA/QC manager
    Section 3 Introduction to the ISO 9000 series of standards
    Section 4 ISO 9001:2008 overview
    Section 5 Interpret the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 standards
    Section 6 Preparation of project quality plan
    Section 7 Workshop / Group discussion
    Section 8 Preparation of quality control procedures
    Section 9 Preparation of inspection and test plan & standards
    Section 10 Workshop / Group Discussion
    Section 11 Establishing and controlling the documents control system
    Section 12 Implementation and monitoring quality system
    Section 13 Evaluation of quality system of suppliers
    Section 14 Nonconformance, corrective & preventive action
    Section 15 Lead a team of QA/QC Engineers & Inspectors
    Section 16 Liaison with client representative
    Section 17 Customer satisfaction
    Section 18 Awareness of international codes and standards including ASME, AWS,API, ASTM
    Section 19 Workshop / Group Discussion
    Section 20 Project Submission Project-Title: Preparation of project Quality plan(PQP) for oil and gas,Petrochemical projects

Note : Certificate , Marks Sheet and Qualification Card will be awarded to the candidate after successful completion of course & examination.
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